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What is Call Branding?

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And how can a branded calling solution increase my contact rates?

Most phone calls outside of the workplace today happen on mobile devices. In some workplaces, even the majority of those calls take place on cell phones. What happens when your business or sales are focused on connecting with potential or current customers through their mobile devices but your outbound calls are either unrecognized or mislabeled as SPAM calls, SCAM calls, or telemarketers?

If your company isn’t using a call branding solution like Callpurity, it may be far more likely than you think.

The data on this issue is pretty clear, and it’s not good for answer rates or building consumer trust. Thankfully, there is a solution to help decrease the unanswered calls that may be reducing your potential revenue through Pure Branded Caller ID or Pure Caller ID from Callpurity.

Before we dive into the solutions, let’s outline the full scope of the issue.

What’s Harming Your Answer Rates?

If your business uses premise-based call centers or Cloud Contact as a Service (CCaaS), you may have noticed that your answer rates have been steadily decreasing over the past several years. According to a recent Numeracle case study , an average of 25% of a business’s phone numbers used for outbound calls is at risk of improper call labeling as a telemarketer or a SPAM/SCAM call.

According to the same study, the number of legitimate calls mislabeled at the carrier level between 2018 and 2021 doubled in 2022 alone. According to their estimates, that number is again likely to double in 2023.

Why is that important?

A 2022 study by Trucaller found that 86% of call recipients do not answer calls that are labeled as SPAM calls, SCAM likely, telemarketer, or other harmful carrier tags. The study also found that the same number (86%) try to only answer calls if they can identify the person or business name that is calling.

Likely to Only Answer Cals if the Number is Identified

Why are Answer Rates Declining without Call Branding?

These declining answer rates may be easy to write off as the younger generation simply having a preference for not talking to people on phone calls, but the data regarding phone scams may tell another story.

Along every metric, the number of scam calls and text messages sent, the number of people being scammed by bad actors, and the amount of money lost from a scam call are all increasing every year that they have been tracked.

Why are Answer Rates Declining without Call Branding?

These declining answer rates may be easy to write off as the younger generation simply having a preference for not talking to people on phone calls, but the data regarding phone scams may tell another story.

Along every metric, the number of scam calls and text messages sent, the number of people being scammed by bad actors, and the amount of money lost from a scam call are all increasing every year that they have been tracked.

Here is the total number of Americans that have lost money to scam calls, by year:

Total Americans That Lost Money to Scam Calls

Here is the total money lost by Americans to scam calls, by year:

Total Money Lost to Scam Calls

Here is the average amount of money lost by affected Americans to scam calls, by year:

Average Money Lost to Scam Calls

In 2022 alone, the total amount of money that Americans lost to scam calls is estimated to be $39.5 billion. Yes, that’s billion, with a B. That was a 32.5% increase from the previous year, which of course has been increasing every year.

Why Doesn’t the Telecom Industry or Legislation Fix This?

To put it frankly, industry experts and legislators have been trying. With the amount of money that these unwanted calls by nefarious actors bring in, however, they put a lot of effort into finding loopholes and workarounds. Every time a new piece of legislation is written or technology is implemented by the telecom industry, the scammers quickly find a way around it.

First, there was the “do not call list” and heavy penalties for any legitimate telemarketers who violated it. Scammers quickly found a way to spoof numbers and use VoIP to hide their true identities and locations, and the number of scam calls and texts continued to increase.

Currently, the average American reports receiving 31 spam calls per month: 

monthly spam received

Additionally, over 60% of Americans who have lost money through a phone scam say that it has been the direct result of a robocall. This is despite the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) noting that it is illegal for a company to use a robocall to sell you anything unless the company has your written permission first. It seems most Americans aren’t even aware of that law.

More recently, the STIR/SHAKEN (Secure Telephone Identity Revisited/Signature-based Handling of Asserted information using toKENs) framework and a Robocall Mitigation Database were implemented as a part of the TRACE Act, which mandated the implementation of a caller ID authentication framework at the network level.

While this has caused legitimate businesses making outbound calls to spend time and money to comply with call authentication when contacting mobile subscribers, the scammers seem to have found a way around it.

As of July 1st, 2021, any outbound call that didn’t comply with the STIR/SHAKEN ( protocol was supposed to be blocked, but we can see from the number of people and amount of money lost to scammers in 2022 that it didn’t have the intended effect.

At Callpurity, we can help your company to comply with the STIR/SHAKEN framework and mitigate scammers who have found loopholes around it. As we are customer success obsessed, our experts also ensure that your company name (and even logo, if desired) can be displayed on incoming calls to improve customer experience, increase answer rates by up to 3x, and strengthen your brand reputation.

Branded Calling Solutions Can Help Restore Trust

The data paints a pretty clear picture that when a recipient’s device receives calls from unknown numbers or those with a telemarketer, scam, or potential spam labeling, there is a high likelihood they will result in unanswered calls. With the numbers outlined above, can you really blame them?

At Callpurity we offer several solutions that ensure the numbers that your business uses to make outbound calls do not show up as an unknown caller or with other harmful carrier tags. By letting your current or potential customers know who you are from the very first branded call, you both establish trust and reduce the worry that unknown calls can cause of potential scams or spam.

Callpurity offers two different levels of branded calling solutions to our clients:

Pure Branded Caller ID: this service can increase answer rates by up to 3x by showing customers your company name or brand on outbound calls to mobile phones. As optional enhancements, you can even choose to display your brand logo or reason for calling, if desired

Pure Caller ID:  this service removes unwanted carrier tags like telemarketer, SPAM, or SCAM likely from a legitimate outbound call.

Both solutions from Callpurity include our experts remediating unwanted and harmful carrier tags from the legitimate phone numbers used by your call centers (or cloud solutions). Additionally, Pure Branded Caller ID can improve customer engagement and the overall calling experience by including unique identifiers to signify your brand on an incoming call.

Branded Calling Solutions Can Help Build Your Brand Reputation

The point of a brand logo is to signify your company and allow it to be instantly recognizable by your customers or potential customers. In a time when so many consumers are afraid to answer unknown calls or those with harmful carrier tags, our Pure Branded Caller ID solution allows you to set yourself apart from other companies and callers.

If your calling is used to send current customers necessary reminders or updates, including your logo or the reason for the call can help enforce your brand reputation and enhance brand loyalty. Some examples of our clients who use Callpurity to reach customers for reminders are:

● Prescription drug reminders
● Appointment reminders
● Securities proxy voting reminders

The Trucaller study above revealed that 25% of respondents admitted to missing legitimate calls because of brute-force blocking or inaccurate spam filtering (often through spam blocking programs that aren’t very accurate). If part of your customer experience is providing crucial reminders to customers, 25% of those calls going unanswered could harm your brand reputation.

With Callpurity, you can prevent that from happening.

Prevent Scammers from Spoofing Your Legitimate Phone Numbers

One of the more diabolical ways that scammers are currently reaching unwitting participants is by spoofing the phone number of a legitimate business. If your company has its own app, our innovative Pure Caller ID Labeling can be embedded into it to reduce malicious actors spoofing your legitimate company telephone numbers.

By opting for our Pure Branded Caller ID with an optional logo display, your customers will have the additional recognition of seeing your logo every time they receive your branded calls.

Our Industry Experts Work Closely with the Tier 1 Telecom Providers

How exactly do our experts at Callpurity stay several steps ahead of spoofers & scammers and ensure that any harmful carrier tags are successfully remediated from your legitimate phone numbers within days?

With over three decades of experience working in the Unified Communications, Call Centers, and Telecommunications industries, we have the strongest relationships in the industry with all of the Tier 1 carriers in the U.S.

Our solutions work with 98% of all U.S. mobile carriers, giving us access to over 400mm mobile devices domestically.

Increase Answer Rates with Callpurity Branded Calling

At Callpurity, our number one focus is helping clients get more calls answered by live human beings.
Answer rates are consistently dropping as more customers fall victim to phone-based scams, but displaying your business name (and potentially logo) can get more customers to engage with your calls. Whether your business depends on your calls being answered or they are used for reminders, using a Callpurity branding ID solution can strengthen trust and answer rates with consumers.

Our own studies have shown that a customer is up to 3x more likely to answer our client’s calls when they begin using our branded calling solutions. When your call centers depend on live humans answering their call, using Callpurity to ensure your brand and/or logo are displayed with no harmful carrier tags can help you achieve success.

Callpurity Can Help You Optimize Outbound Calls

The vast amount of money and rapid increases in technology have also led to a large number of third-party integrations and solutions throughout the industry, but each solution is best for a different business size, type, call center infrastructure, or the number and type of outbound calls that they make.

Our expert team has consulted and assisted our clients with building new call centers from the ground up, improvements in their existing call infrastructure, and even migration from premise-based call centers to cloud-based solutions. Our team can help your business find the right technology solution no matter what the size of your company, or help to optimize your outbound calls based on your current architecture.

Callpurity Can Enhance Your Omnichannel Experience

Our experts at Callpurity specialize in Omnichannel Contact Center customers who wish to increase the contact rates of their outbound campaigns. Our analytics, experience, and close relationships with the Tier 1 network carriers can help you to maximize your call-based business.

If your company wants to upgrade or migrate your current premise-based contact center environment to a cloud solution, we have years of experience in helping our clients find the most effective technology for their business.

One Easy-to-Use Platform with No Software Downloads Needed

While our portion of delivering your branded calling solution or remediation of mislabeled phone numbers is extremely technical, we like to keep things as simple as possible for our clients. They hire us so that they don’t need to understand the decades of technical knowledge that led to our expertise. Our customers also appreciate the deep connections that experience has allowed us to form with the Tier 1 carriers in the U.S.

As a Callpurity client, there is no need for you or your customers to download any software or complicated third-party integrations. Our services provide you with one platform that is cloud-based, from which we help you manage your phone numbers, and you can view your metrics like phone number health scores and analytics on your web dashboard.

Our job is to make it simple for you to increase answer rates and manage your call-based operations easily and effectively.

Restore Trust with Callpurity

Consumer trust has been steadily declining across many industries as customers feel that many companies no longer care about them. The data on call-based scams and financial losses by Americans makes it clear that companies that communicate with their customers through phone calls face an even more difficult task than others.

Thankfully, solutions like Callpurity can help you bridge that gap to reach customers and begin to restore trust while also building your brand reputation.

Trust matters. Begin building it from the first call with Callpurity.